New Students 2021

Congratulations on getting accepted into Imperial! From all of us at Aerosoc, we warmly welcome you! We understand that this is a completely new environment, and it may all be a little confusing to start off in your Aeronautics journey, but below are a few links that can help you out.

If you would like any help in anything, visit the Contact Us page, and feel free to message or email via Instagram, Facebook or Email to any member of the Aerosoc committee! We will try our best to help with any queries.


Aeronautical Engineering Society Facebook Page


@aerosocimperial Instagram Page

WhatsApp Freshers Group

2021 Aeronautics freshers contact us for link!

New Students

Imperial Webpage with Information for New Students

Useful Dates

Downloadable Excel File for Useful Dates for all students of Imperial

Academic Staff

Full list of Academic Staff of Aeronautics with Room Number

Support Staff

Full list of support staff of Aeronautics and room number

Student Representatives

List of Aeronautics Departmental and Year Group Student Representatives


Useful information and Important Contacts for Wellbeing

Quick Links

What plane is above Imperial now?