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About Us

This is the official website of AeroSoc, the student society under the Department of Aeronautics!

Upon joining Imperial as an Aeronautical Engineering Student, you will automatically be a member of AeroSoc. We provide opportunities for students to pursue their interests outside the lecture theatre, and get to know your coursemates better through organizing fun, exciting activities and social events.

AeroSoc also hosts a series of highly attended Career Talks, where we invite leading firms in industry to share with you the type of work they are doing at their company. You can also network with potential employers and learn about their career patheways as well! The firms which has visited us includes Airbus, Williams Racing, Mercedes AMG Petronas, Meggitt, OneWeb, Bellwether Industries, Newton Europe, BAE Systems, Shell, and many more!

We organise site visits to companies, field trips, CV clinics and various other career events.

What We Do

Career Talks

Every week, we invite leading firms to share with you career opportunities at their company. You'll learn a lot about recent developments in industry!

Social Events

In addition to academics, we want to unite the student body through fun activities, such as dinners, bar nights, and much more.

Site Visits

Discover what's in store for your future! Join us on trips to aerospace factories to have a peek behind the scenes.

Past Events

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Mogensen Astronaut Talk

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Meggitt Career Talk

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Bar Night

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Christmas Dinner

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2019 OneWeb Hackathon

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Rolls Royce Site Visit

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Aero Suit Up

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Our Members

Our members are from many different backgrounds, countries and cultures. They are some of the best engineering talent in the world, who regularly deal with time-pressured environments as part of their course; many still maintain various extra-curricular activities whilst spending time on learning new skills. This is why our members are so valuable and sought-after in the market.

Every year, on average 70% of our members have entered the job market upon graduation, while the rest have other plans, such as pursuing a PhD.

Of the graduates who have entered the workforce, 50% of them go into Engineering and related fields, 20% will join Software and Technology companies, and 20% enter the Finance and Consultancy sectors.