Welcome to Imperial College Aeronautical Society

This website is currently under maintainence however you may find the following infomation useful:

Your AeroSoc Committee 2017-18:

Position Name Contact
President Melissa Russell Escrihuela melissa.russell-escrihuela14@imperial.ac.uk
Secretary Imraj Singh imraj.singh15@imperial.ac.uk
Junior Treasurer Nicolas Forster nicolas.forster16@imperial.ac.uk
PR Officer Lachlan Price lachlan.price14@imperial.ac.uk
Social Executive Nisha Saduagkan nutnicha.saduagkan16@imperial.ac.uk
Industrial Liasons Officer Arhant Sethia arhant.sethia15@imperial.ac.uk
Industrial Liasons Officer Han Yung Sia hanyung.sia15@imperial.ac.uk
Webmaster Andrew Bates andrew.bates16@imperial.ac.uk

Your Wellbeing Representatives are:

Position Name Contact
Departmental Representative Drew Loynes drew.loynes16@imperial.ac.uk
Year One Representative Kelvin Cheng chi.cheng17@imperial.ac.uk
Year Two Representative Ioannis Karatsivoulis ioannis.ioannidis-karatsivoulis16@imperial.ac.uk
Year Three Representative Esme Moore esme.hotston-moore15@imperial.ac.uk
Year Four Representative Anh Nguyen anh.nguyen14@imperial.ac.uk

Some further useful contacts:

Position Name Contact
Aeronautics Office ae.office@imperial.ac.uk
Senior Tutor Dr. Sylvain Laizet aero.seniortutor@imperial.ac.uk
AeroSoc aerosoc@imperial.ac.uk

Some useful links:

Undergraduate Student Handbook Erasmus Undergraduate Student Handbook
Imperial College Union AeroSoc Page AeroSoc Facebook Group